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Silas Neptune is a unique and accomplished musician, widely known for his role as synth player for the cult indie band Ozric Tentacles. His solo album The Scales of Tahuti (2017), showcased his seamless and evocative sense for melodies and harmony. With a range of instruments at his fingertips including synth, guitar, Turkish saz and bass, Silas experimented with soundscapes that opened windows of imaginative perception.

Saskia Maxwell is a singer, guitarist, flutist and dancer. With a voice of haunting beauty she tells timeless stories that explore truth and revelation, gently provoking us to look into our own selves and question the universe around us. Saskia was born into a musical family and grew up through a world of folk and was classically trained on guitar and flute from a young age.

Emerging fully formed from the shadows they released their debut EP Power of Three (2020), a transformative precursor to their album Entertaining Possibilities. Power of Three is a myriad of sonic blasts, soaring vocals and angel choirs, accompanied by powerful basslines and “to the skies” guitars, nestled in a bed of multilayered synthesis. The EP features members from the early days of Ozric Tentacles, including the founder Ed Wynne with a guitar solo of epic scope, Tom Brooks making EMS Synthi bubbles and percussion from Paul Hankin. Together they enter unknown musical territory by fusing aspects of electronic music, folk, space rock, ethnic, psychedelic and traces of metal, the result is something distinctly their own.

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